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Jonathan Palk

My Purpose and Why

Jonathan has finally found a way to combine his love of helping others tap into their full potential and his passion for sports.  Looking back throughout his life one key moment in time that stands out was when he was given the opportunity to be the basketball manager in college.  During those 4 years he was able to connect and form a special and unique bond with each player.  Jonathan has the capability of making everyone around him feel safe and confident in who they are and who they want to become.

Jonathan partners with athletes and individuals who are at a crossroads in their life needing to make a choice by first removing any hidden obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their true potential.  He enjoys helping others discover their gifts and strengths so they can find ways to play with those strengths each day.  

Jonathan is happily married with two young daughters.  He loves disc golf and fantasy sports.  Of course living in the great state of Tennessee, Jonathan bleeds orange for his beloved Volunteers.

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