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Renew:Hitting the Refresh Button to the New You

When you think of renew what is the first thing that comes to mind? People can renew anything from magazine subscriptions to marriage vows? According to Webster's dictionary renew can be defined as to restore to freshness or to begin again. How would you define the word renew? It has many meanings. I want us to dive into what it means to renew our minds, hopes, and dreams.

Have you ever noticed how your thoughts seem to dictate your actions? Our mind has so much control over our attitudes, how the words come out of our mouths, and how we view the world around us. There is a battle going on inside of our heads between good and evil. The powerful part is we have ultimate control over who we allow to win. We have the ability to pick up which set of lenses we will view ourselves and those around us. Will we look through the lens that only sees the negative in things and others or will we put on the glasses that chooses to look at the positive side. There are no problems, but only learning opportunties. How you choose to live is up to you? Which way sounds more fun and rewarding?

Do you have days you do not want to get out of bed because you are dreading what or who you will be facing that day? When these days come along it is important to have renewed hope. You truly can start each day with a clean slate and start fresh, but this choice is up to you. People are watching to see which decision you make because some will follow you. Where will you lead them? Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Renew your hope and start living again.

Our dreams consists of who we are and what our purpose on this earth is. Sometim4s our dreams get side tracked. When this happens what will you do? Will you lose traction and simply give up or will you renew your commitment to what you set out to do and keep going? Following our dreams takes time, true commitment to see it through, and a few special people who are your cheerleaders and mentors. Most dreams do not come true overnight so you must be willing to run the marathon of life. Keep your eyes on the finish line and keep going even when those around you may be telling you to give up and quit. When those times come who you surround yourself with is important. Do you value the journey or simply the results? Reaching your dreams is fulfilling, but recognizing the value in the journey may make all the difference in the world.

Renew or not to renew the choice is yours. Which way you decide may ultimately keep you from ever reaching your true potential. Take time to renew yourself fully today because you will not regret it.

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