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Surrender:Giving Up in Order to Win

Very often the word surrender has a negative meaning. When one throws up the white flag or throws in the towel they are seen as failures. In some circumstances that may correct, but today we are going to decide to look at this powerful word in a new light. Surrender can also mean to release control of something that may be holding you back. Too many times we hold the weight of the world on our shoulders. We believe we have to look a certain way or score so many points. These are very unfair and often difficult expectations to live up to. These expectations can be put on us by others or simply expectations we put on ourselves. Why do we allow this to happen? What would your life look like if you no longer had these so called expectations? What would it feel like to release these judgements that seem to take over our lives?

Without these unnecessary expectations and judgements just think how much you could achieve and how far you could go. You would no longer be living to please others or even yourself, but simply LIVING? Now, how would that feel? You would no longer be worried about what happened in the past or even what is going to happen in the future, but could enjoy the freedom of living in the moment. Break through those heavy chains that are holding you back and release any guilt, anger, or disappointments that are keeping you from living the life you should be living. Surrender now. What are you waiting for? Live a life of freedom and never look back. You will never regret it if you are willing to just surrender.

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