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Fearless:How Life was Intended

What would your life look like if you were fearless? What could you accomplish? How would it make you feel? I heard a new definition for fearless the other day as absolute freedom. That is a powerful and life changing way to look at this word. When I think of the word fearless I think of my young daughters. They live life without a care in the world. They truly believe they can do anything and are each willing to try. As we get older what happens? Why does fear tend to creep in? What is holding you back right now from doing what you have been created to do? Why does something as small as fear keep us from living our life's purpose?

As we get older we start to realize and begin to listen to the whispers that we cannot walk on water any more. We start doubting our abilities and start worrying about what others may think. Why would we let the opinions of others stop us from reaching our dreams? It is our life we are living and not someone else's. How do we get back to living life the way it was intended? How do we release the worry and anxiety that keeps us paralyzed sometimes? How do we not allow other people's judgement to have a stranglehold around what we want to do?

Let's to the initial definition of fearless as being absolute freedom. What would that look like in your life right now? What is it that you really want? What if you were willing to pursue your dreams, who would follow? Who are you currently influencing whose life would change if you lived life fearlessly? Would it affect a spouse? How about a child or grandchild? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Stop and envision how you want your life story to end. You have the power in your hands to write each chapter. Which journey will you choose? Will you choose to follow the safe route that everyone expects or is it time to jump out in faith and pursue the life you were meant to live? The choice is yours and yours only. Just imagine the feeling of peace and freedom that is awaiting you. Time to live life fearlessly.

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