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Gratitude Leads to a New Attitude

Is there a difference between gratitude and thankfulness? On the surface they seem to be the same, but I believe gratitude takes things a step further. How often do we stop and count all the things in our lives we are truly grateful for? How would your life be different if you did? It is so easy in life to concentrate on the negatives and what we do not have. What purpose does that really serve? Are you missing out on opportunities in life simply because you are focusing on what you do not have instead of being grateful for what you do have? What would it take for you to make a more concerted effort to focus on what you have in your life. It could be something as simple as throughout your day having a Top 3 Things List where you start your day with three things and then throughout your day if something more important shows up mark out one of the things in your list and replace it with the new item. At the end of the day see what is left. How would it feel to make an effort throughout your dayto be seeking the positive while ignoring the negative? Would you find yourself more content and at peace? Would the little negative things that creep in each day no longer have an impact or bring out a response from you? You have the power to choose what you allow to control your thoughts and your actions. Life is too short to allow the small things to seize control and prevent you from truly living life more abundantly. I encourage you today to stop and smell the roses life brings you and be grateful for all you do have. You will be amazed at just how blessed you are. For some of you, people may stop you and ask you why you are smiling and laughing more. Feel free to tell them your little secret and see how the whole world around you will change in a blink of an eye. Gratitude will lead to your new attitude.

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