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Are We Willing to Make the Tough Choices

One could write from many angels in regards to this Urban Meyer saga. Let’s simply focus on the viewpoint of decision making, choices, and how each have impacted multiple lives. We do not know the full story, but with the facts at hand how would you have handled the situation differently? At the time in 2009 Coach Meyer believed he was doing the right thing in helping Zach and Courtney Smith through counseling. Over the years I wonder if he would have made a different choice if given the opportunity. How did having a high profile coaching job affect Coach Meyer’s decision making ability? Did having a close personal relationship with Zach Smith’s family cloud his judgement? Like those popular adventure books from the 1980’s, we could easily speculate on alternate endings to the story today if different choices had been made.

How often do we face some of the same challenges in our own lives? Our spontaneous choices often times send our lives and the lives of those around us in a tale spin. How aware are we of the words we say and the actions we take that sometimes unknowingly impact unsuspecting people closest to us. Will we own up to our mistakes before it is too late? Will we allow the past to repeat itself? Sometimes in life we reach a cross roads. Will we take short cuts which only leads to dead ends and detours or will we make the hard choices to admit when we are wrong and be willing to put our reputations on the line because it is the right thing to do?

What life lessons can be learned here? We must be willing to speak up for what is wrong even if there are potential consequences to all parties involved. Remaining silent only causes more harm. What will we do when others seek us for guidance and help during a tough time in their life? Sometimes being open and honest with the other person will do them more good and prevent them from staying on a course that leads to continual pain and regret. I believe the biggest lesson we can learn is simply to be available when others need us and also be aware of when others seem like they need someone. Life can be busy, but we must learn to slow down and help those in need. This world would be a better place if we realized we are all in this thing called LIFE together. Be willing to help others and also be willing to receive help when you need it.

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