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The Comeback

Tiger Woods is considered one of the greatest golfers of all-time. Sixteen years into his playing career he was only 3 wins shy of tying the record for most wins as well as just 4 Major wins from tying Jack Nicklaus for the overall lead. In 2009 news broke about his marriage woes and then starting in 2014 his back pain was too great which has led to multiple surgeries. Sometimes in life we believe we are invincible. The weight of the world was on his shoulders and of course the gossip began and many wondered if he would ever regain his form. Earlier this summer he gave us glimpses of the Old Tiger. Despite the obstacles and hardships he has had to overcome he is still searching for that first win in over 5 years. What does it feel like to have the golfing world glued to the TV again so they can watch you? Tiger is not only playing competitive golf again, but he has changed from the inside as well. He is more humble and appreciative of this second chance. He still has that champion’s edge and drive that will lead him back atop that leaderboard again. Tiger is still in the midst of his comeback story and no one really knows how his story will close.

How about you? How long have you been chasing your dream? Have you hit forks in the road which has led to disappointing detours? Have you given up? Life always has a way of throwing us curveballs. It is how we react to them which will determine where our destiny lies. When life is uncertain we are often faced with tough choices. Is it worth the pain and the struggle to keep going? What if we give up how will we be judged? How will we judge ourselves? At our lowest points we must find it within ourselves to pick ourselves back up and keep going. Where will you find the strength? We must envision what the end is going to feel like when we reach our final destination. Will you story have the happy ending you have dreaming about?

When life seems unfair hold on to these simple yet powerful keys.. Mindset is most important. You are able to control three things in life your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Make sure to first filter what you are putting in your mind. This will give you the courage to talk yourself into striving on. Secondly, surround yourself with people who will believe in you when you are having trouble believing in yourself. If you are constantly around those who are feeding you with negativity and thoughts of giving up over time you will start to believe them. Sometimes in life you need others to lean on and they will remind you of who you are and that nothing can stop you. Lastly, get clarity on why this goal is so important. Everyone is designed and created for greatness. We sometimes need to be reminded of our whys. This will recharge us and drive us to the finish line.

I cannot wait to hear and read about your comeback story. Please feel free to reach out to me at with your story. If you are in the middle of your comeback and are struggling and and are struggling and frustrated, let’s work together so you can reach your true potential.

frustrated, let’s work together so you can reach your true potential.

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